Massachusetts Port Authority Thông Báo Department of Homeland Security đã chọn phi trường Quốc tế Boston Logan là một trong 13 sân bay để sàng lọc người Mỹ trở về từ một số quốc gia châu Âu, Trung Quốc và Iran

Theo tin Massachusetts Port Authority

Traveler Advisory Regarding COVID-19
March 10, 2020

Updates as of March 13th

The Department of Homeland Security has named Boston Logan International Airport one of 13 airports to provide enhanced health screening for passengers who have been to a number of European countries in the past 14 days. This declaration means CBP and CDC will perform enhanced screening of these passengers entering the United States through Boston. The Massachusetts Port Authority has been fully cooperating with our local, state and federal public health partners and is providing all necessary support. We have been following proper cleaning and disinfecting protocols in our public facilities, and reminding passengers and employees to use good health practices such as washing hands regularly, and covering coughs and sneezes.

Department of Homeland Security Outlines New Process for Americans Returning from Certain European Countries, China, and Iran

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