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Key Findings Summary: No Labels New Hampshire Primary Poll

MANCHESTER, N.H., Sept. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The No Labels/HarrisX survey of registered New Hampshire voters released today identified 595 likely participants in the New Hampshire Democratic primary and assessed their views on a wide range of questions. Here are three key takeaways:

Independents are nearly as energized as Democrats about participating in the New Hampshire Democratic primary. Among registered voters, 95% of Democrats and 77% of Independents say they are likely or very likely to vote in the New Hampshire primary, and the pool of likely participants in the Democratic primary includes slightly more Independents than self-identified Democrats. Unless a serious race develops for the Republican presidential nomination, roughly equal numbers of Democrats and Independents are likely to end up casting their ballots in the Democratic primary, and the level of support for candidates among Independents could end up deciding the outcome.

With less than five months until the New Hampshire primary, the race remains wide-open and fluid. Although 86 percent of likely voters can identify a candidate as their top choice, fully 76 percent—including 78 percent of Independents–say that they could change their mind before election day. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders now stand in a statistical tie at 22 percent and 21 percent, respectively, with Elizabeth Warren at 15 percent. But, the No Labels/HarrisX survey shows that these numbers could change dramatically as the race unfolds.

Likely participants in the New Hampshire Democratic primary are looking for an approach to politics that puts problem-solving over partisan wrangling.

Overwhelming majorities say that bipartisan compromise is better than gridlock and that politicians who are willing to compromise are preferable to those who stand on principle and get nothing done. Nearly all agree that we need a government that draws the best people and the best ideas from both parties.

View the full survey findings on the No Labels website.

No Labels is an organization of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents working to bring American leaders together to solve problems.

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